Toni Campa biography

Antonio Campa (Toni) was born near Taranto in 1954.

In 1968 he came in Turin living with his family and practicing different job browsing his professional way.
Not very satisfied by this activities, even if he got great results, at the age of 18 years old he became head of a section of Alleanza Assicurazioni.

After an early experience of independent living (when he was 15 year old he lived in a hostel in Turin city centre) thanks to his curiosity he lived an exiting period among Genève, Rome and Boulogne. He didn’t place the military draft even if declared suitable because he doesn’t like the military life.

In the downtown of Turin, after a couple of dark year between 1974 and 1976, he met a little movie group asking them if he could be helpful. The director and the actors, have became friends in a while and they transferred him the movie passion.

In the 1977 acted his first scene in “Torino violenta”, directed by Carlo Ausino, one of the first detective films shot in Italy in some cities.

After an year joined the film “Tony, l’altra faccia della Torino violenta”, directed by the same director.

In order to improve his acting he signed in the “Accademia Shalimov” of Aldo Rendine in Rome, that unfortunately he got to follow for a short time till a new acting in the Mario Landi and Ivano Straccioli group travelling among some Italian theatre with the following shows: “Antigone” of Sofocle, “Marionette che passione” of Rosso San Secondo, “Lisistrata” of Aristofane.

During the same year he met Pupi Avati into Fono Roma.

With great humility Pupi and his brother Antonio, recognize that he need to be helped and they enrolled him in some set like: “Gita Scolastica”, “Noi tre”, “Impiegati”, “Regalo di Natale”, “Aiutami a sognare”, “Hamburger Serenade”, “Cinema!!”, “Jazzband”.

Toni got a special feeling with them because they influenced his life both professionally and personally.
In the same time Salvatore Samperi asked him to act in “Liquirizia” and Carlo Ausino, for who Toni will ever identify a great ability and a great friendship, proposed him to be a co-protagonist in “La Villa delle Anime Maledette” with Jean-Pierre Aumont e Beba Loncar.
In 1980 Beppe Nava wanted him for the movie of Grand Hotel “Al Termine della Notte” with Paola Pitti and Vivien Vee and for “Nous Deaux” a Paris production.

Thanks to his energy, Toni took new way. He did a special movie about Sara Ferrati thanks to Mario Landi.
During the ‘90s, his friends who became director Pasquale Pozzessere involve him in some movie: “Padre e Figlio”, “Testimone a Rischio”, “La Vita che Verrà”, “La Porta delle Sette Stelle”, “La Provinciale”. This life experience could be defined in the balance between the cinema and friendship; Toni still to say thank you to everybody for this intense emotion and engaging life.

Speaking with an important American TV producer, Toni thought that the TV will overcome the cinema, thus he trying to anticipate the future TV phenomenon producing the first Italian soap opera “Gabbiani di Fiume” shot in Turin. RAI refused it because not ready to such a format, so Toni decided to give up this project because there were other opportunity neither in private TV.
After this episode he gave up his dream: the cinema. Embittered he left his “big mother” taking distance from everything and everybody till the day in which he met his new love, the Music, that became his new life reason.