"Station Desire”
by Carol Rama

"He avenged himself, he made the furniture as a brothel that can be the Lutrario music hall becoming history..., do we not forget that he was the first projects by the rich people instead of saying, you know, a roof garden they said gripping a garden and then he put a mannequin with legs apart in the garden. Into Lutrario music hall he wanted to put the mirror on the floor in order to let possible to see if you had the pants or not, and wanted to put the phones on the tables to make it shunting station of desire."(9).




"The clearing"
by Fulvio Ferrari

"With tiles, mosaics, velvets Mollino traced a path (the entrance corridor) that swings between branches of ceramics, illuminated by sudden mirrors.

Artificial flowers, that are now replaced by sculptures, are placed on shelves and illuminated by low lights, and accompany the path which opens onto a clearing (the dance floor), surrounded by a garden of other abstract flowers, consisting of tables surrounded by chairs placed as petals. The orchestra play by a space rock, a sort of cave hidden by cascades of lights and mirrors arranged in dispersive prism. The scales are flying between metal clusters towards the balcony, from which you can see the complexity and harmony of the dance "machine" of Mollino".