The dream

In the preparatory drawings for this project the pencil line is unbroken as an energy flow, is a kind of dynamic line that runs after the swirling motion of a body that is not afraid to dance and show it out, without covering her essential beauty, the sinuosity of the curved line. The ideas follow each other trying to optimize the space more than possible, even through the mirrors that deceive prospects, even breaking through the walls getting eyes lost and confused. All this is not perceived as a whole picture, anyone who attempts to find an immediate interpretive code of form, will be taken to move along a path that Mollino wants released as much as possible from rationality. It seems the representation of a dream, in which there is never a sequence of images, but only some flashes.
The dream realized itself through the study of the functional aspects. Mollino is located in front of a very large space and the irregularity of the plant suggests some unexpected and improbable solutions. The plan of the ballroom is shaped transforming the sharp original outline into a softer fluid continuous perimeter, and the stairs are following circular and parabolic lines adapting itself into this wave path. Going upstairs, the mezzanine, surrounded by a railing that embraces almost the entire dining room that overlooks the dance floor. Inherent in this architecture there are many functions that overlap: dancing, scanning, being secluded, and everything happens at both levels, but with different settings. On the mezzanine there are small spaces, where you can dance and at the same time observe who is entering into the ballroom, or look at the constellation of colored lights that fills the ceiling. From the ground floor, the situation is the same, but from a reversed perspective as it is not possible to perceive exactly what is going on upstairs. The insistence of the curved line is obvious and exaggerated, deliberately excess capacity. A metallic tube is applied to the roof to draw a serpentine that begins in the entrance, then ends in a spiral on the dance floor and later resolved as support for the multicolored cylindrical lights. The same idea is applied to the floors where streamers of marble runs over the corridor entrance reaching the dance floor, then go through it in a circle toward till the exit. The colored lights, the coating of polychrome tiles, the mirrors on the walls and pillars, the iron railings and multicolored arabesques, and the wood balustrade and mirrors, give this room a bright and shiny appearance, in accordance with the recreational function it has, but ironically carried to excess. The ball room in its entirety, is as a representation of the ironic "Walking Dragon" which reappears several times in his erotic photos. In the entrance, from the ceiling to the cave, seems the throat of a dragon that seems to impress itself into the ceiling and floor as a photographic plate. All around pieces of colored scales are set almost to amplify the effect.