Toni Campa and Luciana De Biase

Toni Campa became interested in music during the ’90 after a long activity in the movies world.

At the time of boredom and lack of stimulation that periodically marks his existence, he started to collect vinyl and jukebox becoming an expert of singer and groups of the ‘60s.
During this period he met Luciana De Biase that became his traveling companion on this adventure.

Everything started a day in a bar in Turin where someone asked him to recognize a name of a singer in front of him.  Toni thought a bit and answer without hesitation: “He is Vasso Ovale!”. And he was.
Vasso Ovale has been invited by Toni to visit his house to see the jukebox and vinyl collection. Once there Toni asked him to put the song A4 with title “Pietà”, one of the most famous success of the singer. The great emotion of Vasso strikes Toni so deep that from that moment decided to find all the singer and group present in his jukebox.
From that day, together with Luciana De Biase who joined him since the beginning, achieved a big success hiring clubs, theatres, stadium organizing concert with the singer belonging of “That Fabulous ’60s”.
Furthermore he bought two dancing hall in Turin: “Du Parc” and “Le Roi”.

Toni Campa and Luciana De Biase have been the only ones who have organized concerts and shows with artist belonging to the ‘60s in Turin since the ’90; a success that will be remembered by all lovers of Italian music.
The film still remains in the heart of Toni as shown by the blow-up hanged inside Le Roi that show up the picture of the most famous national and international actors and by the presence of the beamer produced in 1953.



History of a Jukebox


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